About me

My name is Lucy Calderhead, I live in East Lothian. Dogs have always been a massive part of my life having grown up with Boxers. I lived in Canada for 3 years, whilst there I dog walked regularly and worked in a dog groomers, this is when I realised my passion for working with dogs and I knew I had to make a career out of it. I moved back to Scotland in 2021 where I got my Hungarian Vizsla puppy, Chilli. Since being home, I worked in a dog day care which pushed me on to start up my own dog walking business. I have a keen interest in reward based dog training too and I aim to gain knowledge and experience in this alongside dog walking.

I am passionate about providing a high quality of care for any dog who joins my walks. Safety is very important to me which is why each dog will have a dog tag with my contact details on it and will be fitted with a Tractive GPS tracker at the start of our walk for peace of mind. I try to keep groups small so I walk a maximum of 5 dogs at one time, usually the 5th dog is my own.

Why choose Extra Mile Dogs

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